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Nothing beats a simple basic black The Juans tee and comfortable nude shorts paired with high white socks and white chucks!

Perfect style during weekends at home and whenever you have grocery errands!

You can never go wrong with styling white The Juans shirt with a light denim pants, make your look more classy by adding a gold necklace & gold bracelet + white chucks ofc! The Juans loves white chucks (spot it on their photos on IG :P)

This look is a perfect companion on long crazy days with multiple meetings & deadlines.


The Juans' latest single 'BTNS' now comes with a shirt!

Perfect merch to wear for The Juanistas! Be gig ready with this BTNS shirt that comes in white.

Perfect to pair this with black pants or ripped jeans and white sneakers.


We all have days when we just want to wear dark colors like Josh!

Sirang Plaka Shirt is so easy to style with an all black outfit!


Thinking when can we travel again or even go out freely to flex our TSTFY shirts?

TSTFY white basic tee is so easy to style with its printed blue-green print, pair it with jeans and sneakers and also add a blue bandana because why not?!


Not a fan of all black outfit but a fan of The Juans?

Why not do a #OOTJ? (Outfit of The Juans)

Style your Sirang Plaka Shirt with a pair of light washed jeans, add accessories like wrist watch and PUMA shoes!

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